About Me

Edward Lightfoot is highly motivated. His background has been in Fine Art, drawing, painting and sculpting in highly detailed and refined traditional materials and clay.

He moved to illustration when he was inspired by figurative, anatomical designers including digital artists and can turn his hand to any subject, such as, portraiture, landscapes, the human and animal form. He also likes depicting buildings, cities and high-rise structures. He is keen to take on new things, drawing from life, mainly people- their gestures, attitudes and body language. He sets out to perpetually refine his practice by reading up on contemporary professional techniques and processes.

His style typically demonstrates hatching and stipple techniques using pen. He likes travelling to locations and spends time walking around the area gathering reference material before returning to the studio. Currently he has been developing a series of landscapes, focusing on landmarks in the northeast of England, some of these include The Angel of the North, The Penshaw Monument, Rosemary Topping, High Force and the solder statue at Seaham Harbour. Here he uses pen and ink images before adding a digital aspect to most of them. He edits pieces which have been drawn in grey coloured pencil so that the image turns black as if it has been drawn in pen in order to create bolder images.

Commissions so far have been illustrations for a book concerning hearing voices for Durham University and has done portraits for Artful Pix and You and Yours Fine Art. To date he has exhibited at The Heritage Gallery, Middlesbrough, The Atrium, Hartlepool and Brick Lane, London.

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